Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Research: On the relationship between resource funds, governance and institutions

New research from Stella Tsani (repec), of the The Centre for Euro-Asian Studies, University of Reading,

On the relationship between resource funds, governance and institutions: Evidence from quantile regression analysis

This paper uses quantile regression estimation techniques so as to investigate the relationship between resource funds, governance and institutional quality by paying special attention to the distribution of the latter. The estimation results indicate that resource funds are associated with better governance and institutions. The positive correlation is identified for the entire distribution of governance and institutional quality variables indicating that resource-rich countries can benefit from the establishment of resource funds, irrespective of whether they are found at the lower or at the upper end of the ranking of governance and institutional performance. The results offer evidence in support of the view that resource funds are valid tools of insulation against the “resource curse” as manifested through governance and institutional quality deterioration. Resource funds may support policy making and strengthen governance and institutional formations not only in countries with good governance and institutions but also in countries which lag behind in the latter.
Paper published in Resources Policy [sciencedirect.com], it follows up on an earlier paper [sciencedirect.com] of her also published in Resources Policy.

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