Tuesday, September 30, 2014

WWF: 'Half of global wildlife lost due to human demand on Natural Resources'

This morning a representative of WWF on BBC Radio 4 Today, told about a new report, 'the living planel', WWF issued on the decline of animals populations, amounting to 52% from 1970 to 2010. The numbers are based on a peer reviewed process on 10.000 populations around the world. The main cause for decline is suggested to be human demand on natural resources such as water, forest. Interestingly, high-income countries saw a net increase in animal populations, while there is a drastic decrease among middle- and low-income countries, even though the `ecological footprint' per person among high-income people is by far the highest. One of the three recommendations, perhaps for economists to take into account more often than is happening now with there research: "Value natural capital as a cornerstone of policy and development decisions."

See reports on this here [reuters.com] and here [vice.com], or tomorrow's Radio 4 Today On Demand service (around 7h20).

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